A mild leafy green, spinach is so easy to use.  It’s a popular side dish au gratin dish or creamed. Cut spinach is also prominent in sautés, casseroles, and accompanying chicken or steak.  Stahlbush’s cut spinach is individually quick frozen so that it’s easy to pour into any dish.
Behind the Painting, “Mt. Hood & Douglas Fir”:
My husband Bill and I live on our main farm, and we make the short walk to our office each day. Growing up on my family’s farm, we all woke up early every morning to feed animals and do chores. Most of my paintings are perfected in the early hours of the day as I enjoy my coffee. This is my creative time. One early morning, I was surveying the fields outside my studio window and saw a freshly cut alfalfa field. This beautiful green, cut hay needed to be captured on a canvas. “Mt. Hood and Douglas Fir” depicts the cover crop that held the soils in place all winter long. Our cover crops also add vital nutrients back to the soil and break up any disease or weed cycles, so that when it’s time to lay our seeds out in perfect rows, the foundation and growing conditions are perfect. We grow the highest quality, emerald green, beautiful spinach in the world because of our stewardship. – Karla S. Chambers, Artist & Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms