Butternut squash has a sweet, nutty flavor.  It grows on a vine with giant leaves that shade the squash.  The inside “meat” has a golden hue and is wonderful roasted, added to soups, sautés and even pies.  It pairs well with thyme for a savory dish or maple syrup for a sweeter one.  Stahlbush takes all the work out of this winter squash by cracking the “nut” and dicing it for a convenient and nutritious addition to meals.
Behind the Painting, “Autumn Harvest”:
In 2009, we finished construction on the first biogas plant of its kind in North America.  It turns all of our fruit, vegetable, grain and legume by-products into electricity.  Bill brought the technology here from Germany and Austria and converted it from the metric system.  It was a huge undertaking, but one that has real value on the farm.  All of our food scraps, like corn husks and cobs, are taken to the biogas plant.  The plant not only generates electricity, but also steam for our boilers, hot air to dry our pumpkin seeds and hot water for sanitation.  We are left with a rich fertilizer that we use to nurture next year’s crops.  The fertilizer is so potent that the colors in our fields are even more vibrant than before.  “Autumn Harvest” is my depiction of the vibrant, golden hues of our magnificent fall crops like butternut squash.