Delicate droplet berries with a complex flavor profile, red raspberries are both sweet and tart. They have a soft red, almost pink hue and a hollow core.  These berries pair excellent with chocolate.  They are also delicious in smoothies, snacks, baked goods and breakfasts.

Behind the painting “Art of the Perfect Soil”

“Right around the time that Bill and I bought our first acreage on Stahlbush Island, the Oregon wine industry was growing rapidly. Winemakers from all over the country were coming to Oregon to grow their grapes. One of the reasons for this is that the soil in the Willamette Valley is so fertile – it produces strong and nutrient dense produce. We pick our fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness, and the richness of the soil really shows in the final product.” – Karla S. Chambers, Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms