Hello Spring!

It’s officially spring, which means that the bees are busy pollinating our blueberries. This is always an exciting time of year as we start to plan for another bountiful harvest.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17 commemorates the death of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. Today, St. Patrick’s day is a celebration of Irish traditions and history. One Irish legend tells the tale of a type of faerie, a leprechaun, that hides pots of gold in remote areas of the Irish countryside. It’s said that rainbows show the way to the leprechaun’s hiding spots. In honor of the Irish holiday, we made our own little rainbow. It’s made out of Stahlbush Island Farms frozen fruits and vegetables. It’s our version of a pot of gold!

Impress your guests: Top 10 holiday recipes!


1. Cranberry Christmas Cake: A deliciously festive treat, this cake is easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.

2. Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes: Easy, healthy and nutritious. This is a perfect side dish for any holiday meal.

3. Marion Blackberry Cobbler: This delicious dessert is the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

4. Gingerbread with Warm Cranberry Compote: Stahlbush cranberries give this holiday dessert a superb finish.

5. Roasted Butternut Squash: A perfect go-to recipe for whenever you need to make a healthy side dish in a pinch.

6. Cranberry Sauce: A classic holiday dish with ruby red Stahlbush cranberries.

7. Strawberry Streusel Mini Bread: A lovely little breakfast treat or neighborly holiday gift, these mini breads are sweet and crunchy.

8: Cranberry Pear Crumble: This recipe is ridiculously amazing!  It’s really easy to make and the graham cracker crust is an interesting twist to the classic crumble.

9. Simple Marionberry Sauce: This sauce is so good that you will find yourself looking for random things to pair with a sauce.

10. Cranberry Apple Bread: Complete your holiday table with a loaf of this delicious treat!

10 Strawberry Recipes to Savor

It’s the time of year that the sweet smell of strawberries permeates the air. We love our frozen strawberries with their perfectly red centers and full-bodied flavors that come from ripening on the vine. They are expertly preserved from our field to your freezer so that you can enjoy them all-year round. Here’s our top 10 list of great ways to enjoy Stahlbush strawberries!

10. Boysenberry & Strawberry Pie: There’s nothing quite like the taste of homemade pie. Kick off the summer with this incredible recipe.

9. Berry Summer Smoothie: Smoothies are the natural first choice for frozen berries. Stahlbush strawberries provide the chill without diluting the flavor…say goodbye to ice chunks in your smoothie!

8. Three Berry Crisp: Crisps are one of the easiest desserts to make for first timers and a favorite of seasoned bakers. The reason is that they are delicious without the fuss. This recipe uses the best berries for the perfect crisp every time.

7. Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream: If you have an ice cream maker and need a new recipe, this one is for you! It won first place in one of our inter-office bake offs (and competition is always fierce).

6. Strawberry Crumble Squares: We love recipes that double as desserts or breakfasts on the go. These squares are so good and so easy to make. If you don’t have time to make jam, make a quick sauce by combining a bag of strawberries, 1/4 cup of sugar, a dash of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of cornstarch or tapioca in a saucepan and simmer until it’s thickened.

5. Strawberry Thumb Cookies: We can’t say enough good things about this recipe. It’s a yummy shortbread topped with a pocket of blissful homemade strawberry jam. It was pioneered by Ellen, the youngest daughter of the Chambers family. And we all love her for it!

4. Strawberry Honey Jam: Jam sounds like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be! It’s easy to make and easy to use (see above recipes for inspiration). We created this one using honey instead of sugar and it’s delightful!

3. Sparkling Strawberry Sipper: It’s close to number one for a reason! The sweet taste of strawberries paired with the sparkling carbonation of dry champagne or club soda is not only easy to make but even easier to sip!

2. Strawberry Bliss Smoothie: There is a little more prep involved in this smoothie, but it is worth the effort of defrosting a handful of strawberries. Get ready to fall in love!

1. Strawberry Shortcake, Family Style: Our number one is a larger version of the classic that will feed a hungry family perfectly.

The Color of Health & Nutrition

Stahlbush Island Farms Owner & Artist Karla Chambers Inspires Kids to Eat Healthy……

Karla Painting at Expo West

Expo West, Anaheim CA, March 2014: Karla Chambers, Co-Owner of Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon combines her passion for healthy organic and sustainable food with the brilliant colors of her art.

“Our goal is for Americans to realize that it is very simple to make healthy choices,” says Chambers. Mother Nature’s healthiest and most flavorful foods are bursting with brilliant natural colors: the rich blue in blueberries, the oranges in pumpkin and the purples in Marion blackberries. These colors signal the sweetness, ripeness and nutrition that our bodies need.

The Color of Nutrition

Karla holding her new coloring book

In addition to growing and selling natural foods throughout the US and abroad, Chambers is an accomplished naïf artist whose work is exhibited in fine art galleries in New York City and San Francisco.

“My art is a reflection of the world I see – brilliant, fertile fields and vibrant life created by mountains and valleys, the clean water and soils that produce perfect foods,” said Chambers.

Tackling Obesity Through Art

Chambers now combines her fine art and her passion for healthy food in a MOVEMENT OF HEALTHY INSPIRATION, to help solve America’s obesity problem. She is beginning with young children.

Brown and White Foods

“Children learn their colors before they learn to read, so I know that through fine art and creativity, we can help them connect the dots to better nutrition and food choices. They simply need to choose natural, vibrant color,” says Chambers. “I want children to down-size their ‘Brown and White’ diet – full of hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, potato chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies – and ‘super size’ a more colorful diet, full of healthy fruits and vegetables,” says Chambers.

Passionate about getting Americans to eat healthier, Chambers is now taking her message to schools through a new “recipe and coloring book” targeted for children. This coloring book is available to companies, retailers and groups that wish to join in promoting this message of health.

New Packaging & New Products Feature the Colors of Health

New cool cauliflower package

Stahlbush Island Farms has recently released their newest packaging, which features Chambers’ original art. They are also releasing three brand new and unique products – “Cool Cauliflower” & “Tri-Colored Sliced Carrots” & “Chopped Curly Kale” – with all natural colors of purple, green, yellow and orange. Karla has also started adding her bright paintings to the packages of the blueberries, butternut squash, super sweet corn, Marion blackberries, spinach and strawberries.

The business owner, artist and mother will be at EXPO West throughout the show (booth number 4145) painting and available to talk to media as well as customers.

New Butternut Squash bag featuring "Autumn Harvest" by Karla Chambers

Growing and Managing Food

Karla Chambers, Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms, spoke on a panel for the League of Women Voters of Portland about Growing and Managing Food: Perspectives for Today and the Future. In addition to Chambers, there was a wheat farmer, a cattle rancher and a professor of environmental management. The topics for discussion were creativity, innvoation, GMOs and the future for agriculture and policy. The entire panel was filmed and you can watch it below. Chambers begins speaking at about 53:36.

Stahlbush BBQ Time!

The Stahlbush annual BBQ was today. Stahlbush Island Farms is a family owned farm. Stahlbush is celebrating its 28th year. Four years ago, Stahlbush began an all-company BBQ that happens once a year to thank its amazing employees for all of their hard work and dedication. We captured some of the fun to share with you.

Co-owner Karla Chambers with Amy Smoker our QA Documentation Specialist handing out berry cobbler

Joe, Carl, Karla & Bill Chambers took a break from serving to pose for us

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a pose for the camera!

Lemonade and Iced Tea to wash down the BBQ and cobbler

The Chambers men having a good time