What is Stahlbush Island Farms?

Frozen is FRESHER when it’s Stahlbush Island Farms

Stahlbush Island Farms frozen fruit

We’re a sustainable, family-owned farm and food processor based in Corvallis, Oregon, since 1985. Our focus is producing single-ingredient frozen fruit and vegetables in a way that maximizes nutrition and keeps the soil, water and plants healthy and producing for the next generation.


*Top-8 Allergen free
*Gluten-free facility

Industrial Ingredients for Retail and Wholesale

We provide whole-food ingredients to some of the most stringent quality-controlled food markets in the world. Stahlbush Island Farms does not process any of the Top 8 allergens and we consistently score in the highest percentiles for SQF certification.

Want to learn more about using our industrial and wholesale IQF and puree fruit and vegetables? Learn more about our safety and quality control measures here.

Hands down the most delicious frozen blueberries you will ever eat. I have been buying these for over 15 years and they never disappoint–always sweet and firm and 100 times better than a wild blueberry.  A family business that has consistently flavorful crops.  

-Google Review 

Frozen vegetables

Find our Products In Stores and Online

We make it easy to eat healthy! Our products are washed, blanched, cut, and individually quick-frozen to save you prep time without adding anything to your food! The result is clean, healthy fruit and vegetables you can rely on for great quality and flavor.

Stahlbush Island Farms products can be found in the freezer sections of your favorite grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Frozen vegetables

Food Bloggers Love Stahlbush!

Restaurants, chefs, home cooks, and influencers across the Internet love cooking with Stahlbush Island Farms products! You’ll find us everywhere from magazine test kitchens to the blogs of famous foodies, to your favorite ice creams, beers, and doughnuts!

We’ve collected our favorite recipes created by food bloggers using our Stahlbush fruit and veggies here.