Riced Cauliflower is finely diced pieces of our deliciously ripe cauliflower. Turn our riced cauliflower into low-carb rice, pizza crust, hummus, pancakes, burrito bowls and more. You can thicken soup and replace cheese. Scramble it with eggs, create a burger patty or add it to a cake – seriously! Whether you are paleo, gluten-free, vegan or simply a creative chef, cauliflower is an easy way to sneak another serving of vegetables into your daily routine.
Behind the painting, “Three Sisters”:
Stahlbush Island Farms is truly an island! We have an entire biological system in the waterways around the frarm, and our farming practices are in place to protect it and the land for future generations. I painted “Three Sisters,” as my depiction of the three peaks that creates the valley that helps us to grow beautiful vegetables. Our farms are remarkably fertile because of the clean water and biodiversity that this valley offers and the sustainable practices that we follow. – Karla S. Chambers, Artist & Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms