The History of Stahlbush Island Farms

Stahlbush Island Farms didn’t start out as big as it is today–in fact, it all started with two crops and a passion for good food.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

 I just wanted to tell you that I love your blueberries. I eat them frozen, while watching TV, and I share with my dogs. They are hands down, the best blueberries I have ever had in my 56 years. Thanks for doing what you do. 

Tish Thames
White Rock NM 

Want More?

When we started out, we were only selling to industrial customers, but today you can buy our products in stores or direct from the farm!

Visit the Shop tab above to check out what we have available, and use the Find in Store tab if you’d rather pick our products up on your next trip to the store. Interested in our other brands? Click the Farmer’s Market or Nummy Tum Tum logos below to learn more or shop online.