Our Story

Stahlbush Island Farms is an environmentally friendly farm and food processor committed to sustainable agriculture and exceptional quality. Stahlbush has been family-owned since 1985. Here’s a glimpse of our Sustainable History.

“Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” ~ Based on “Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development,” United Nations, 1987


Newlyweds, Bill & Karla Chambers purchase a farm on Stahlbush Island and plant two crops, pumpkin and sugar beets for seed.


Bill & Karla begin construction of an on-farm processing plant to freeze and puree produce within hours of harvest.


Stahlbush is the first farm EVER to be certified sustainable by the Food Alliance.

The first sustainably grown, individually quick frozen fruits and vegetables hit the market under the Stahlbush Island Farms brand in kraft paper packaging.


Trademark Farmer’s Market and launch a line of canned, organic gourmet purees.


Martha Stewart brings a veterinarian on her show to explain the wonders of pumpkin for pet digestion. She holds a can of Farmer’s Market Pumpkin as an example…Nummy Tum Tum pet food supplements is born!


Karla begins painting.

The Biogas Plant


Construction is completed on the first biogas of its kind in North America, which turns all of our agricultural byproduct (corn husks, silage etc.) into electricity.


Release the first 100% biodegradable packaging in the freezer section.

Launch a line of pre-cooked grains and legumes for the freezer aisle…our answer to healthy, fast food!


Karla & Bill’s eldest son Carl comes back to manage the largest organic farm in Medford, Oregon.

Add BPA-Free Liners to the Farmer’s Market Line.

The biogas plant reached record electricity output at 33,673 KwH. Annually produces twice what we need to power the farm.

Achieve donation goal of providing over 1 million servings to local food banks annually.


Launch the Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin Tetrapak.

Add Frozen Sliced Beets to the Stahlbush Island Farms line.

Named Sustainable Plant of the Year by Food Engineering Magazine.

Add Frozen Red Grapes to the Stahlbush Island Farms line.


Chamber of Commerce names Stahlbush Island Farms the Corvallis Business of the Year.

Launch new packaging featuring Karla’s original paintings to illustrate the intersection between high quality foods, bright colors, and art.