One of our more intricate items, the super sweet corn goes in and out of ripeness in three days.  We have three days to harvest and freeze it to seal in the fresh off-the-cob flavor.  With high natural sugars and smooth texture, Stahlbush super sweet corn is wonderful lightly steamed and topped with butter and sea salt.  It’s also popular baked in casseroles or added to sautés.
Behind the Painting, “Mt. Hood & Douglas Fir”:
My husband and I bought our first farm in 1985.  We had two employees, two crops, a whole lot of debt and about 300 acres on Stahlbush Island. Bill is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Oregon.  He told me one day that waste was another word for under-utilized resources.  I think that sums up how we farm at Stahlbush Island Farms – creating value out of what others see as waste. In 2009, we built a biogas plant to convert our agricultural by-product into electricity. Super Sweet Corn is the ideal crop to describe what we mean by agricultural by-product.  80% of corn is agricultural by-product in the form of husk and cob.  We only eat 30% of corn, which we call cut corn.  “Mt. Hood and Douglas Fir” depicts not only the value of our cover crops, but also the technical excellence required to farm, harvest and process super sweet corn.