Cut Rainbow Chard offers consumers the color and flavor they love and expect from chard. It can be used to punch up a salad’s nutritional value, used as a topping on pizza or tacos, or as a featured side dish.
5 Ways to Enjoy Rainbow Chard
1. Make Tacos!
Add cooked rainbow chard to your favorite taco for a superb power taco.
2. Add them to a salad
Give the frozen chard a salt massage, rinse and wilt it slightly to serve with garlicky yogurt or blanch it and serve it Japanese style, in a buttery soy dressing.
3. Make a lentil or bean soup.
Give soup an extra nutrient boost by adding the greens during the last 15 minutes of cooking. 
4. Use it as a base for chicken.
Bake chicken over chard and croutons for a one-pot mail.
5. Make a pizza.
Top a frozen pizza with frozen chard for an extra boost of green.