As the name suggests, we selected this blend featuring some of our most nutrient-packed berries.  This blend features blueberries, Marion blackberries and the elusive black raspberry.  On their own, black raspberries can be an acquired taste, but with this unique blend they complement the other flavors so well that like a fine wine, the flavors develop with each sensory bite.  A lovely addition to smoothies, desserts, breakfasts and snacks, the Health Berry Blend is one of our signature products.
Behind the painting, “The Art of Healthy Berries”:
Mary’s Peak, Black Butte, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood are featured in many of my paintings.  There is a glorious relationship between the mountains and their valleys. The Coastal Mountain range and the Cascade Mountain range form the two walls to the Willamette Valley. The rich soils, clean and flavorful water, and mild growing climate allow us to grow some of the best fruits and vegetables in the world. The Health Berry Blend is a special combination of some of our signature berries.  Consumers often take the time to write to us about our flavorful, plump berries.  I always love reading these correspondences. As a farmer, I know that when we let Mother Nature decide when to harvest, our berries are absolutely perfect. I painted “The Art of Healthy Berries,” featuring the mountains in the background and the movement of the berry rows that shine with impossibly lovely color of ripe fruit. – Karla S. Chambers, Artist & Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms