Blueberries, one of Stahlbush’s most popular items, are characteristically large, plump and bursting with flavor. We select the best varieties of blueberries that grow particularly well in the Pacific Northwest to ensure the perfect size, color and flavor.  Stahlbush blueberries make the perfect treat right out of the bag.  They are also delicious in smoothies, covered in yogurt or topped with whipped cream or as an ingredient in your favorite breakfast or dessert.
Behind the painting, “The Color of Fruit”:
Stahlbush Island is four miles from downtown Corvallis, Oregon. When Bill and I started the farm, we began to plant cover crops to protect the soils during the winter. As a direct result, the blue herons that were living on the property stopped nesting elsewhere during the winter because the cover crops gave them access to a food source year-round. Today, we have a thriving blue heron rookery that is beneficial to us in many ways. They not only naturally take care of pests on the farm, but they also deter small birds and other small animals from nibbling on our crops. We have an entire biological system on the farm, and our farming practices are in place to protect it and the land for future generations. I painted “The Color of Fruit,” as my depiction of the world-class conditions in the Willamette Valley that help us to grow plump, rich blueberries with vibrant colors. Our farms are remarkably fertile because of the clean water and biodiversity that this valley offers. – Karla S. Chambers, Artist & Co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms