Five years ago, Bill and I went on a trip to Montana. We were staying at Triple Creek Lodge during a fall fly fishing and artist workshop event. It was a cold, fall day. Bill and our friend, Eric, went fly fishing while my dear friend, Carrie, and I spent the day with three professional artists. I enjoyed spending time with these artists so much that I never went fishing. When I returned home, I bought art supplies and just kept painting!


I have never had a formal art class, which is why my art is considered “naïve.” Acrylic paint is my favorite medium because of the rich colors and thick textures that it can bring to a canvas. I use my husband’s house tools to achieve the three dimensional quality that is characteristic of my work. Farm animals, landscapes and desert flowers are prominent in my paintings because they are reminiscent of the past, present and future. I mimic the colors from the farm in an effort to highlight the raw, powerful beauty of farming healthy, nutritious foods.


My paintings are now in fine art galleries across the country, including Arnot Gallery in New York City and Gallery 444 in San Francisco. I have been featured in Art World News, the largest art publication in the world, five times. My fine art has been featured in several museum exhibits and juried competitions. The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon has displayed my work several times in different shows.

– Karla S. Chambers, Artist & Co-Owner of Stahlbush Island Farms


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