Main Farm

Our main farm, food processing plant and biogas plant are in Corvallis, Oregon. With Portland 90 minutes north, the coast an hour west, and wine country all around, Corvallis is a great place to call home. The charming historic downtown, complete with a clock tower on the courthouse, even plants flowers on the tops of public garbage cans. Corvallis is the hometown of Oregon State University, which brings sports, culture and diversity.

Pleasant Hill

Our Pleasant Hill farm is about 12 miles outside of Eugene, Oregon. An outdoor paradise, Eugene is short drive away from swimming holes, hiking, hot springs, scenic bicycle trails, skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and cross country trails. There are charming coastal towns with giant sand dunes an hour west and wine country all around. As the hometown of the University of Oregon’s Ducks, Eugene offers plenty of sporting events and culture.


Our Medford farm is the largest certified organic farm. It encompasses about 1,000 acres of corn, squash, wheat and barley. Nestled in the Rogue River Valley, Medford is known for its mild climate, scenic mountain views and adventurous spirit. White water rafting, skiing, cycling and hiking are just some of the outdoor activities that Medford offers. The southern Oregon town is also close to some of the most popular attractions like Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves National Monument.