What can I do with all these berries?

Recipes to last you through berry season!

August 2, 2023

Berry Recipes to the Rescue!

What can I do with all these berries? Whether you got overly ambitious at the U-pick or your garden decided to go crazy this year, sometimes we end up with an abundance of one particular fruit or berry and have to act fast! At Stahlbush Island Farms, we understand because we hate wasting food, too. I mean, we were the first farm in North America to build a biogas facility onsite just so we wouldn’t have to throw away our corncobs, and those aren’t even edible! So you know we aren’t letting delicious summer berries go bad.

Here are some ideas for using up your berries quickly so nothing goes to waste this summer!

stuffed spinach flatbread


Blueberry Almond Tart


Raspberry Marble Mini Cheesecakes


Marion Blackberry Cornmeal Breakfast Cake

Marion Blackberries

Vegan Berry Chocolate Tart

Mixed Berries

Cooking for the Holidays?

Do you cook or bake for the holidays and need a reliable supply of high-quality berries for your creations? Visit our shop to buy individual berry varieties in quantities of 16 or 24 bags. You can also get our berry variety packs in quantities of 16 or 24 bags.