Patriotic Recipes Anytime

Holidays are an exciting time to try new things in the kitchen. The 4th of July certainly makes this list, with patriotic recipes ranging from BBQ’s, finger food to large banquet meals served across the US. However, there are so many other opportunities to show your zeal and American pride than just Independence Day. American-specific holidays make up 6 of the 12 major holidays each year. This means, that there are a lot of opportunities to put together that amazing red, white, and blue finger-food you’ve been dreaming of creating. Or perhaps you can just surprise your friends and family with a flag-shaped tart. But why wait for a holiday to celebrate the freedom that we enjoy every day in the USA? Go ahead and make that delicious tart to complement your backyard BBQ just for fun.

We believe that celebrations call for something delicious and truly unique. That is why we have done our best to provide the best possible recipes to help make your festivities special each and every year. Our aim is to show you how Stahlbush frozen fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into extravagant holiday dishes as well as everyday meals. If you haven’t taken at look at our library of recipes, make sure to browse them at your earliest convenience.

Here’s a collection of our favorite patriotic recipes that are sure to start a conversation.

Patriotic Sweet Potato Cupcakes:

These adorable snack-ables make for an all-around perfect addition to any gathering. Not only are they topped with Stahlbush frozen strawberries and blueberries, but they also incorporate our Farmer’s Market Organic Sweet Potato Puree. This is one patriotic recipe that everyone has got to try at least once. (Though once you have one, it’s hard to say ‘No’ to a second!) They are also a good introduction into baking with sweet potato puree. Once you taste it, you’ll want to put sweet potato in everything! And when you’re ready, we have the recipes waiting for you.

Red White & Blue Pops:

These popsicles are particularly nice on those hot summer days. But they have a lot more character and flair than your average fruit pop. Once you have the ingredients prepped you are welcome to take some creative license and design them however you’d like. If the layers aren’t your style or if you’re limited on time, we recommend trying a marble pattern. Just start with the white mixture in the popsicle molds, and then adding the blue or red mixtures and swirling them together with a wooden stick. Once frozen you’ll get a nice swirl of white throughout the entire popsicle. The creamy flavor of the yogurt adds a creamy balance to the naturally sweet fruit.

Blueberry Raspberry Tart:

No need to go searching for it, here is that tart recipe you were wishing you had written down! With roughly 30 minutes of total time needed and only 7 ingredients, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give this recipe a try. It is extremely simple, gluten free, and fun to decorate! If you have kids around, they’ll likely see you placing fruit on top of a cloud of whipped topping and want to help out. We went with an American flag design, but feel free to take some creative license and make your own designs. You can also substitute the frozen raspberries for halved Stahlbush frozen Strawberries. Watch how easy it is to make this patriotic recipe!

Don’t forget the library!

Whether you are cooking for a specific celebration or just celebrating the joy of the American dream, there is a recipe to help you make it a cherished memory. Take a look through our entire library of recipes designed with you in mind. Incorporate Stahlbush frozen fruits and vegetables into your cooking arsenal while making something unique and exciting. Don’t forget to tag us on social media using the hashtag #StahlbushIslandFarms so that we can see your creations and celebrate with you. Or simply connect with us for updates on new products, recipes, and gorgeous photos of the farm!

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