This Earth Day We Honor Our Pollinators

What makes honeybees happy?

No one could ever argue that bees are nonessential to farming.  We all know or have heard the statistics that pollinators are responsible for increasing yields and quality for about 84% of crops worldwide.  We use them extensively at Stahlbush for crops ranging from berries to squash.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we decided to focus on the tiny insects that help make our delicious blueberries possible.

At Stahlbush, our holistic approach to farming extends to the honeybees and other pollinators.  We maintain edges around our fields to include species like Maple trees that act as an additional nectar source for the bees.  The habitat ensures that honeybees and other pollinators have a food source pre-bloom, during the growing phase and post-bloom. Crop diversity adds variety to their diet and staggered planting dates ensure a longer season.

This Earth Day as you enjoy the contents of your delicious Stahlbush brown bag, don’t forget to toast the pollinators that help add the finishing touches to our crops!