The Color of Health & Nutrition

Stahlbush Island Farms Owner & Artist Karla Chambers Inspires Kids to Eat Healthy……

Karla Painting at Expo West

Expo West, Anaheim CA, March 2014: Karla Chambers, Co-Owner of Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon combines her passion for healthy organic and sustainable food with the brilliant colors of her art.

“Our goal is for Americans to realize that it is very simple to make healthy choices,” says Chambers. Mother Nature’s healthiest and most flavorful foods are bursting with brilliant natural colors: the rich blue in blueberries, the oranges in pumpkin and the purples in Marion blackberries. These colors signal the sweetness, ripeness and nutrition that our bodies need.

The Color of Nutrition

Karla holding her new coloring book

In addition to growing and selling natural foods throughout the US and abroad, Chambers is an accomplished naïf artist whose work is exhibited in fine art galleries in New York City and San Francisco.

“My art is a reflection of the world I see – brilliant, fertile fields and vibrant life created by mountains and valleys, the clean water and soils that produce perfect foods,” said Chambers.

Tackling Obesity Through Art

Chambers now combines her fine art and her passion for healthy food in a MOVEMENT OF HEALTHY INSPIRATION, to help solve America’s obesity problem. She is beginning with young children.

Brown and White Foods

“Children learn their colors before they learn to read, so I know that through fine art and creativity, we can help them connect the dots to better nutrition and food choices. They simply need to choose natural, vibrant color,” says Chambers. “I want children to down-size their ‘Brown and White’ diet – full of hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, potato chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies – and ‘super size’ a more colorful diet, full of healthy fruits and vegetables,” says Chambers.

Passionate about getting Americans to eat healthier, Chambers is now taking her message to schools through a new “recipe and coloring book” targeted for children. This coloring book is available to companies, retailers and groups that wish to join in promoting this message of health.

New Packaging & New Products Feature the Colors of Health

New cool cauliflower package

Stahlbush Island Farms has recently released their newest packaging, which features Chambers’ original art. They are also releasing three brand new and unique products – “Cool Cauliflower” & “Tri-Colored Sliced Carrots” & “Chopped Curly Kale” – with all natural colors of purple, green, yellow and orange. Karla has also started adding her bright paintings to the packages of the blueberries, butternut squash, super sweet corn, Marion blackberries, spinach and strawberries.

The business owner, artist and mother will be at EXPO West throughout the show (booth number 4145) painting and available to talk to media as well as customers.

New Butternut Squash bag featuring "Autumn Harvest" by Karla Chambers


  1. Would love to get your coloring book for Grandkids. Do you have any retailers in Iowa? Enjoyed hearing you on YouTube at League of Women Voters Potland Oregon forum. Encouraging that organic farmers are embracing positive uses of technology. Thank you. Carol Hibbs

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you so much for listening! We are hoping to get the coloring books out soon!

      Warm wishes,
      The Stahlbush Family

  2. I buy all your organic products! Would buy your vegetables too, if only they were organic. Please make the change. I love your organic rice and bean products, as they are the only organic product out there that gives you a quick cooking alternative to BPA and metal laddened cans!

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