At Stahlbush, we generate electricity from our fruit and vegetable by-product, things like corn husks and cobs, using our biogas plant. The biogas plant not only generates electricity, which we use to power the processing plant, but also generates steam that we use in our boilers, hot water for sanitation and hot air to dry our pumpkin seeds. The leftover material from this process leaves us with water for irrigation and a rich fertilizer that we spread back into the fields to nurture next year’s crops.


“There is no such thing as waste, only underutilized resources” – Bill Chambers


Curious about just how much waste we convert? Here are some fun facts!


In 2014, The biogas plant converted 141,512 tons of agricultural byproduct.

That amount could almost stretch across the entire state of Delaware.


The crop that generates the most electricity is SPINACH. It generates 1,650 kWh per ton…that’s nearly enough to power the average U.S. household for 2 months *Figure based off US Energy Information Administration.