Now Hiring Plant Labor
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Farm Team


Sourcing, planting, weeding, irrigating and harvesting all fall under our team’s responsibilities. We source seeds or raw product, walk the fields, pull the weeds, water the plants, drive the tractors, ensure the health and safety of our plants and harvest our crops. We love the soil, farming and contributing to a bountiful harvest.
Shipping & Logistics Team


We keep track of inventory and make sure that our products are delivered to their intended destination on time. We coordinate with truckers, handle shipping and make sure that we have enough blueberries in our freezer at any given moment.
Biogas & Engineering Team


We take care of our biogas plant, affectionately known as the energy cow. We take agricultural by-product from the plant, feed it to our biogas and generate electricity, steam, hot air and fertilizer as a result. We crunch the numbers to come up with an ideal feedstock and ensure that it’s happy, healthy and producing every day.
Sales & Marketing Team


We work to promote our line of amazing frozen products through increased distribution, consumer education, PR initiatives, new product development, innovative packaging designs, tradeshow events, advertising campaigns and social media. We are food lovers that tell the story about our premium frozen items and why they are so special.
Quality Assurance Team


We are food scientists and documentation specialists. We ensure that our products are safe and of the highest quality. We monitor production in the plant, sample for quality, conduct routine testing, manage all of our certifications and ensure that when our products reach their final destination, they are the perfect Stahlbush quality.
Fab Shop Team


We conceptualize, build and implement whatever is needed at Stahlbush. We weld steel, build plant-safe equipment and take on new and exciting challenges every day. We like to work with our hands and create useful items that improve the way that we operate at Stahlbush.
Plant Team


We turn raw product into finished product. We take the food that comes in from the field and turn it into the safest, highest quality frozen products available. We work around the clock to make sure that our freshly harvested products are blanched, pasteurized and individually quick frozen, pureed or aseptically pureed immediately. Finished products are our passion.
Maintenance & Mechanics Team


We take care of all the machinery and equipment at Stahlbush. We envision better harvesters, maintain our state-of-the-art equipment and sometimes even make field calls. It’s our job to make sure that everything works the way that it should. We are problem solvers, headache relievers and occasionally miracle workers.
Finance & Purchasing Team


We ensure that we keep our commitments, that are invoices are up to date and that the company’s finances are in order. We also purchase all the items that the farm needs to operate such as office supplies, labels and bulk packaging.
Human Resources Team


Also known as HR, we are responsible for protecting and educating our employees and creating a fun company culture. We take care of the details like payroll, appropriate dress codes, annual company training, acclimating new employees and generally ensure that everything runs smoothly.