na-ive: adj: inborn, natural, unaffected simplicity

Born 50 years ago, Karla Chambers was raised on a farm that has been in her family for over 120 years. Inside of her is a passion to portray the world of farming in which she lives and loves. In 2005, Karla purchased her first art supplies and the rest is history. She never had a formal art class, but she loves color and fun design. She expresses her personality through brilliant colors and creative textures. Karla is one of those rare and talented individuals who can truly be called a naive painter.

“Enjoy the brightness, the vivid colors, and the beauty, as this is what I see everyday on the farm.” ~ Karla S. Chambers

See all of Karla’s paintings on her website and Facebook.


Karla’s book, Farming, Food & Fine Art, is now available at amazon.com!

We hope you can visit Gallery 444 in San Francisco, California and Galerie Du Soleil in Naples, Florida,  both family galleries that carry Karla S. Chambers original art.  All other original paintings by Karla S. Chambers, KSC art will be represented by Arnot Gallery in New York City.   Vicki and Peter Arnot will exclusively represent all original art beyond Gallery 444 and Du Soleil galleries.    Please see the contact information below for these three galleries and for Arnot Gallery in New York,  and enjoy reaching out to their websites!

ARNOT GALLERY, Herbert Arnot, Inc. • Arnot Galleries, since 1863
Arnot Gallery Address: 250 WEST 57th STREET • Suite 1014, 10th Floor NEW YORK, N.Y. 10107
Arnot Gallery Telephone: (212) 245-8287 • (212) 757-4959
After Hours Telephone: (917) 570-7910
Arnot Gallery Website: www.arnotgallery.com
Arnot Gallery Email: arnotart@aol.com

Gallery 444 Address: 444 Post Street • San Francisco, CA 94102
Gallery 444 Telephone: (415) 434-4477 • Fax: (415) 434-4415
Gallery 444 Website: www.gallery444.com
Gallery 444 Email: gallery444Mail@aol.com

Galerie Du Soleil Address: 393 Broad Avenue South• Naples, FL 34102
Galerie Du Soleil Telephone: (239) 417-3450
Galerie Du Soleil Website: http://galerie-du-soleil.com/
Galerie Du Soleil Email: info@galeriedusoleil.com